Money is likely to be the biggest single barrier. Homeowners feel disempowered and could be cash-poor when it comes to retrofitting their property. Local authorities, social and private landlords have considerable priorities beyond energy efficiency.

We recognise retrofit measures, in theory, offer almost instant results and an attractive return on investment.

That is why we work with government-backed schemes, energy companies, and stakeholders to help clients access funding or competitive finance to deliver improvements in an economical way. We don't offer or promote regulated financial services, but work with our partners to help customers access funding for us to deliver our work.


Are designed to tackle fuel poverty and help reduce carbon emissions by covering the cost of retrofit measures in residential properties. The schemes are predominately designed to identify those households which are most likely to require support.


More and more financial institutions are offering ‘green’ mortgages. Lenders will reward you for purchasing an efficient home, or making improvements to a home. Upgraded homes are more likely to hold their value and are seen as less risky by lenders.